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Oh and did I mention that throughout your life of owning the unit no matter what sub option you use, including lifetime you get spammed with advertisements? Tuning Resolver operational status: Like you say, you lose sports, news, special events, etc. I have multiple Tivo’s What I see is people don’t like forking out big up front costs for equipment and then they don’t like taking the risk associated with it. Maltz Member Jun 3: I have two tivos that are hacked to disable it entirely, and you get about a 20 fold speed increase. Maltz to Rakeesh Member Jun

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Pairing or unpairing the device will usually cause the HR to generate a new ID. Effective August 1,provide, through the use of a commonly used interface and published specifications for communication, CableCARD-reliant, firmware-upgradable navigation devices the ability to tune simultaneously as many switched-digital channels as the greatest number of streams supported by any set-top box provided by the cable operatorjtr700 four simultaneous channels, whichever is greater; Emphasis added.

Another big reason why cable in its present state doesn’t have a future. They like renting and if something goes wrong just have it swapped. Tuning Resolver downstream status: The Cox DVR is still much worse when it comes to responsiveness of the user interface, storage capacity, and just about everything user-facing. Up 0 Down Cancel.

They also use a very bad database system, built into a proprietary filesystem they dubbed MFS. TV Forum requires membership for participation – click to join.


SiliconDust HDHR Prime and MTR Tuning Adapter Issue – Missing Remote

It seems that TiVo and Motorola say that the minimum firmware needed to motprola a six-tuner device like a Roamio is This is especially annoying when you’ve paused it because you want to look at the scene in better detail, but you have a fucking ad in the way.

In fact, I myself was part of the group that did it on numerous occasions.

After a comedy of errors involving traps installed instead of removed, signal levels, etc. In fact the only way you can even tell this thing is connected, is because the TiVo’s Devices menu has a new option with a whole slew of troubleshooting options for the cable guy.

Rakeesh Member Jun 2: I’m sorry but fronting up nearly a grand to break even after three years is not very appealing. Well, I think that advocating torrents when comparing DVR options is kind of apples and oranges.

SiliconDust HDHR Prime and MTR700 Tuning Adapter Issue

I’m not sure whos giving the correct info? You see a banner ad at the bottom. From around the web. I live in a Cisco market, with Cisco TAs the firmware is automatically updated mitorola the headend when the Tuning Adapter first communicates with the headend.

The end result is a UI that is motorila slower than it should be, and a horribly energy inefficient design. I was able to get everything working over the past week.

Half of the software stack is literally just pulled from open source software. As for the value of the TiVo hardware, you have to take into account the software and the fact that they don’t have a large user base to recoup development costs. But if sports is your thing, then you’re doing the wrong thing by subscribing to cable both satellite providers do much better here.


Maltz Member Jun 3: If you use a simple disk then you’ll easily get away with only two gigs.

Sure it isn’t that exciting of a product, but just the idea that our beloved TiVo won’t be useless because of the fact that all latest HD channels are being deployed with SDV Switched Digital Video is enough to get us going. I ended up choosing the Plus with lifetime service. Neither does the cable box though.

Normally, I wouldn’t advocate going directly to the regulators. I have two tivos that are hacked to disable it entirely, and you get about a 20 fold speed increase. Aug 11 They have few TiVo customers in my opinion, because it’s so damn hard to get a cable company to play nice with CableCARDso if you want support, it seems like you have to push.

Maltz to Rakeesh Member Jun But also, getting the sort of system you describe up and running reliably is probably well outside the skill set of the average DVR user, not to mention the copyright issues.


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