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I also tried re-installing Windows Server from scratch, but that didn’t get to the setup screen. Contact Email us Tell us what you think. Is that based on the Core2 processor? Hmmm fair point though I wasn’t expecting anything fancy at this price point. Huge relief to hear that the fans spin down. I can put 3x 2g in no problem but that last 2gb stick throws it all. I am able to access up to 2.

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ML G5 Graphics Card Issue – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Thanks Guys for posting back about this. I’m going for the thats got the xeon with some extra ram to take it to either 4 or 8 budget depending.

My RAID is off.

Gonna stick vidwo 8gb of ram in and have a shuffle of drives. Never mind, found the ML G4 with the Xeon I have 4 of these machines, 2 x G5 2 x G1, both types have have this problem. Jul 8, Posts: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am able to access up to 2. Oct 20, Mo115 Was about to return the card today when I remembered I’ve updated to the most recent bios An old thread, I know Just an update which someone mind find helpful. I and 20 of my friends also have the extact same problem, let me when you fix it as it is very annoying, espically as i have 8GB of HP RAM really wish i did not buy this server Why can not HP fix this problem I have found also that setting the memory below 2GB solves the problem.


Knew the deal was too good to be true Would it be possible to run the fans of a fan controller or even control them in speedfan? On closer inspection of your spec, m115 seems slightly different to the ones we had – yours has PCI-X and whatnot, ours didn’t have that much expansion – you’ve certainly got a better deal by the looks of things. Do you already have an account? Your Username or Email Address: Can I ask why you wouldn’t use it as a server? Would like to compare them if they are going for the same price.

Opinions on HP ProLiant ML G5 | Overclockers UK Forums

The 2nd line support engineers have carried out some tests and confirm that the server does not support any graphics card other than the onboard Matrox controller for more that 2.

I’m afraid i don’t have any pics, we’ve since shipped them to clients and i’m not sure if we’ll be getting them again we just buy whatever is appropriate rather than loads of the same one We have a high performance graphics requirement so we had to fit a new graphics card – which also required a new power supply – that’s somthing lm115 annoyed me – somthing sold as a server requires a new power supply for a simple upgrade.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results jl115 suggesting possible matches as you type. Viddeo just got off the phone to HP support in the UK, bad news.


The emphasis that’s placed on this issue via official calls may prompt HP to place some importance into fixing this issue. A side note, the hard drive fitted as standard is really slow, worth fitting a new master drive at least.

Added 8GB of ram, and bought a GB hd to swap into my Mac Pro, will then chuck my 2 GB drives in a set up an array, probabaly just raid 0 as not bothered if it dies Also these boxes seemed to have had a firmware update which makes them Opteron Gen 3 compatible, so I might chuck a Phenom in just to see what that does.

Opinions on HP ProLiant ML115 G5

This bios update appears not to have been made available for the G1. I’m only running it with 2. Jun 29, at vidso It does however run Ubuntu 9.

I have the same mll115 and will give them a call. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I have the same problem.

The fault being the inability to use the full expansion capabilities of the server due to a BIOS fault.


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