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Being comprehensively equipped, this MSI notebook stands out of the crowd. If you prefer a more business-like design, you can order the MSI GX, model ” performance “, whose performance is nearly the same, but, has a case better suited for daily work without extensive striking design. However, it can be easily cleaned by the provided micro fibre cloth. The interface equipment consist of unfortunately only three USB ports , Firewire , and a memory card reader at its front side. A big logo on its lid, bright red flames everywhere you look, and a deep black case are the trademarks of the Extreme model we reviewed.

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Noises during access can only be suspected, because the loud CPU fan is much more evident.

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Looking closer this MSI notebook has also other qualities The vertical scroll area helps browsing through long documents and web sites.

So, overall the sound is somewhat blurred. But, if you need one, msi megabook gx can simply configure the driver for it. Firewire, Cardreader, Audio Ports. When running 3D games the speed of the fan is slowly increased in two further steps.

Being comprehensively equipped, this MSI notebook stands out of the crowd. So, overall the sound is somewhat blurred. Due to striking design it should be able to attract its target group, but put others off.


Because there is too less space for keys of full size side by side, some hot keysthe umlauts of the German keyboard layoutand the cursor keys are smaller than usual.

But, if you need one, you can simply configure the driver for it. However, this model does not include the knapsack and the other accessories mentioned above. The sub-woofer is not able to compensate the weaknesses regarding middle and high tones of the four stereo speakers.

We won’t recommend running one of the current 3D games lap top. It’s still a big machine, with a inch screen, but you’ll be able to take it out and about if need be.

Loudness If you are very sensible to noisesyou won’t be happy with this notebook. The GX Performance can also be equipped with Bluray drive. The result of the 3DMark06 benchmark run at a resolution of x pixels was points. The GX Performance meabook also be equipped with Bluray drive. Although the keyboard clearly yields in its centre and partly clatters, the key feedback is rather definite.

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It’s as easy and trouble-free as attaching an external computer screen. As in previous reviews the GByte hard disk of the Scorpio series works always very fast and pleasingly quiet.


Checking games the display showed its real strong side. If you carry the notebook in the knapsack, you should, therefore, especially take care that nothing heavy, e. Please check the specific specifications with your local dealers. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal.

Even when applying only some force at the outside, the whole lid deflects, so, the sensible LCD is not well protected. For Well made Good gaming performance Nice price Well connected. In forums I see other people have successfully installed 4 Gb of memory on GX If your hands are big, you might have troubles using them.

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However, it can be easily cleaned by the provided micro fibre cloth. Non-reflecting display with high-resolution and very good interpolation performance. Furthermore, the design is very sensible to dirt of all kinds.

However, contrast ratio, brilliance of colours, and luminance are below-average.


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