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Besides that, the thick manual with a leather binding will provide for delighted gazes. The built-in display proves to have very good rates. The M17x’s performance might be great in the configuration at hand, but a negative side effect is the intensive noise development. Enabling Crossfire stirs up disbelief because the performance even sinks to a meager 25 fps. Moreover, the drive sometimes rattles disagreeably at data accessing.

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Hey, When I install the xm I bought recently it just hangs between after post info and windows loading screen- black screen, no HDD activity, no response from keyboard. The performance is cut in half to a slightly jerky According to first reviews, Modern Warfare 2 has found a serious competitor in Battlefield Bad Company 2, at least in multiplayer.

On the other side, the fact that Alienware hasn’t forgone on a glossy coating isn’t as excellent. Which parts are you confused about? And the M17x’s input devices are found very fast even in the darkest rooms because of the lighting. Thus, the fans turn up to a very audible The mouse cursor generally moves quite jerkily.

The M, different than most Core i7 models, has “only” two coresbut clocks with at least 2.

The DC-in positioned on the rear’s center is just as unpractical and first needs to be found. The single HD responds to an e2 of resolution to x with a loss of a moderate 10 fps with Alienware homepage Alienware notebook section.


Raidriar Oct 6, Finally, the notebook is covered by a black and very soft bagwhich conceals the M17x from too curious eyes. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue.

The boos Alienware model, the inch Alienware M11xhas seemingly been put out to pasture, with the company telling TechRadar that the focus going forward was on 14, 17 and inch machines.

The design, the materials, the workmanship and the elegant lighting are awesome. Papusan Sep 19, The Alienware M17x’s application performance is awesome.

TechRadar pro

Introduction Next Page Performance. There were single graphic errors at the start of a game and during loading e.

The GeForce is roughly on the same level in the same settings with 87 fps. Additionally, even a blue screen was recorded atikmdag. You can create a monochrome or even a totally color-crazed pattern depending on your taste, as you can see in the pictures. An innovation since the Core 2 architecture is the so-called GMA HDintegrated graphic core, which is still manufactured in a 45nm structure width in opposition to the CPU 32nm.

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We had a hard time rating the M17x impartially. Thus, the M17x is already exhausted after 54 minutes under load BatteryEater Classic test with maximum brightness and disabled energy savings options. Memory operations per second.


Furthermore, the viewing angles are amazingly wide and far better than the majority of its competitors. Thus, not only the power consumption is twice as high with two graphic cards because of which the battery life logically sinksbut it also results in a higher temperature and therefore usually a turgo noise development.

Alienware M17x Specs – CNET

Thus, points in the single-core and points in the multi-core rendering of the faster 64 bit instance of Cinebench are achieved. Apart from the energy savings options, the extensive illumination can be adjusted down to the smallest detail and stored in various profiles. When you open the M17x’s accessories box, you’ll likely be amazed. Alienware has basically left out senseless ballastexcept for a few really handy programs.

The quicker your CPU can calculate 32 million Prime numbers, the faster it must be running.


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