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Setup is a breeze. Definitely get a cable modem of your own if you have cable internet. I’ve had it attached to my router for about 2 weeks now and I’ve already had a “fail”. Broadcom’s documentation in particular indicates that a Linux based firmware implementation is what they would recommend. Sometimes you can make a repair, although the highly integrated nature of the modem’s internals may rule out all but the simplest repairs. You can also buy them and own a cable modem instead.

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I had other brands go bad twice in that span of time.

Linksys BEFCMU10 Mbps | eBay

The cable company actually has control over all of the fun stuff, all you can usually do is reboot the modem, view a log of its activities and see some real-time statistics concerning your connection. And it also became increasingly temperamental. So, in 2 weeks I was already forced to powercycle? I have been involved in tech jobs and specifically cable modems and routers for about 4 years now.

I doubt that the flood had anything to do with this, as the modem worked fine for a long time afterwards before the malfunctions picked up. Easy installation, and reliable.

A few of the front panel LEDs are befc,u10 multi-color units. My comput er still saw the router sending a signal but the computer could not associate to it.

Greyghost | Linksys BEFCMU10 Cable Modem Review

Most relevant reviews See all 84 reviews. This generally isn’t something a firmware upgrade can befcnu10 unless of course the modem’s chipset had the needed functionality present but disabled or unsupported in older software releases.


I haven’t actually dumped the firmware. Every now and again, their Motorola Surfboard SB would drop its connection and have to work at getting it back again. Your up and running in no time. I have nothing witty or sarcastic to say here. Curiously, given the austerity of its built in web pages, the Liksys does beefcmu10 the time and date from your cable provider and will at least time stamp the entries in its log. Best Selling in Modems See all.

Another positive feature is that you can stack it with other Linksys products like routers to reduce desk space used. I know that Linksys is a wonderful brand with very few problems so I decided to purchase this slightly linksts model because it has a history of doing well.

I’m not sure how hackable this thing is, as I’m sure that both Linksys and the cable companies have put some roadblocks in the way to stop people from doing things they should not be doing with the public cable TV network. Trending Price New. And you may want to, because even low rental fees add up over time, moden in a while, you could have purchased one with what you’ve paid in rental fees. It linjsys flawlessly and I have even seen a noticeable speed increase.


It has that same simple to connect interface. Additional Product Features Platform. The cable company Mediacom in this case had changed modem providers several times since I’d signed up with them. The cable standards haven’t changed that much and established cable modem networks don’t disappear overnight.

There are actually lots of cable cqble to choose from on the market.

Linksys BEFCMU10 42.88 Mbps

I turned off my wireless on my smart phone and when I turned it back on the wi-fi failed there too so I knew that it must be the hardware. It’s a standard cable modem that does the job right.

Of course, renting your cable modem does have its advantages. There isn’t much you have to do, and if you can connect three cables to a box with clearly marked, very different connectors, you too can install the Linksys BEFCMU You may also like.

It went under in a basement flood and emerged alive llinksys some drying-out time. I was working on my wireless laptop, put it aside and when I opened it again 15 minutes later I couldn’t get connected to the internet. Even when yours is hopelessly obsolete, it will probably still work just fine IF you can find something to connect it to.


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