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The wristband connects to your wrist using a Velcro strap, and is one size fits all. Newer Topic Older Topic. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Please feel free to critique. It was only days before a level 5 hurricane was supposed to hit the land penis of the United States when chief mechromancer and bullshit scientist Matt Martin had a seemingly brilliant idea to record wind speeds of the hurricane. So basically unless you consider wind surfing on a skateboard down the street while using a broom handle and a bed sheet as a sail a scientific success, then I am going to call this a totality failure of the science. I kinda love how it looks with the unfinished wood and screwdriver.

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JANKY: Limited Edition Art Toys by Superplastic by SUPERPLASTIC® — Kickstarter

Adding a second on the opposite side of your current one would work, as long as it is very close to parallel to prevent janmy. Please look in these places or do a Google search before asking questions Sharing some photos of my WIP build. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Chances are you’re going to drop a few, or somehow stab yourself. I think with srewx quick paint job and some shaping and varnishing of the stock, this could be the prettiest blaster I’ve seen.

When this runs out I’ll have my hammershot as a secondary. What do you say to this? You say “jank” but I see potential. I kinda love how it looks with the unfinished wood and screwdriver.


How Not to be a Scientist – Janky Shack

Log in or sign up in seconds. The MagnoGrip is made of durable D ballistic polyester and is embedded with super strong magnets that will hold on to your nails, screws, bolts, nuts, tools, drill bits, etc.

Specifically, I load half darts into the rear loading slot. Submit a new link. The stock placement totally beats mine! My Folger FT5 had that issue. I have contemplated ball screws or larger lead screws if I do go for jsnky three lead screw supported bed.

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That looks pretty good! An example print I finished last night.

After spending a whole 13 consecutive minutes fixing the plywood to the windows of the house, he starting drinking beer and amazingly watched the bicycle speedometer display that was attached to the wind sensor.

How did you put it back together when your screwdriver is the priming handle?! jnaky


I think I’m just going to add a srdws leadscrew to the z-belt loop and that should give me adequate stability to eliminate all z-wobble, then I can eliminate the z-guide.

I really like the overall shape of this. The Janky-XY printer August 24, If I was skilled and had the time or cash I would paint it, but for right now I’m happy. The srfws is oak, and puts the center of balance of the blaster directly at the handle, which feels very nice.


MagnoGrip: Magnetic Wristband That Holds Nails, Screws, and Tools On Your Wrist

It’s a neat western theme. To also limit binding, you could remove the top bearings from the lead screws, though this is more of an issue if you have a very stiff bed plate, and yours being MDF looks like it will have enough play.

Mine has been converted to shoot elites. This sensor was totally a last minute purchase from the shallows of the internet on an early night impulse buy. Flying high above the weather instrument, the rainbow assured the scientist of a good attempt, and due to its high stature in the sky, it sent a jakny.

The Janky-XY printer September 17, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. They are looking around like the god of death is about to strike janjy earth, and you are standing on your roof with a shit eating grin and 25 ft of science cable and a staple gun, good times.

It was this bearing that lead me to the mis- conclusion of no extra z-guides.


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