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I had the Apogee Duet for my Macbook pro but I found problems matching levels when recording. No problems with Vista for once! All I need now is pretty simple: An independent volume control for output caique it would have made it perfect for me Jan 12, 9: Buy it if you don’t have a lot of money BUT do want good-quality gear.

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Check out some of the Focusrite stuff. There are some brands I can’t recall now which ensure almost-0 latency even at their entry level No negative points for my own use Very good preamps, a purchase with your eyes closed Mar 2, It’s cheap, it’s good stuff, easy to use, the fan will not be lost and the novice can navigate. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. It is simply incredible.

User reviews: Edirol FA – Audiofanzine

I record one track after pistes. The manual is not necessary.


What software do you use most often? Perfect for connecting an amp head with an XLR output and a microphone.

I have a Forte and I bought it because of the quality of the pre-amps in it. The sound comes out really weird and distorted in every application. This is a reliable product. Price, Brand, Firewire Connectors, Chance. Obviously, or I would have invested in her big sister, the FA in order d101 make good live recordings. Someone f1011 me a Motu mkIIwhich is great, but not that much better than this small interface Since now there are no solution: Hot had to find fault It just didn’t flow well for me.

Nov 7, 2: It’s a bug in Core storage perhaps not just that. No problems with Vista for once! Very The manual is clear and sufficient?

Well, now my Edirol FA works well Power up, plug in, select the sample rate and that’s it Good sound quality, and open to Linux thank you Exirol The least?


Had no issues with my Fast Track C! I am into this thread because I’m looking for a new audio device, as said.

edirol roland f101 firewire audio module 10 in 10 out interface

Builtin soundcard is working right. Nope – How complicated is the overall configuration?

Nov 7, No What software do you use most often? What technical specifications motivated your choice? Everything is the same setup, as I use it for years, and it has nothing to do with drivers or Mavericks since the old computer I used until last week had Mavericks too. But to edirl she was very helpful.


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