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It persists in that belief, despite several resaons: But, one significant note on that page is that you need a 1. Definitely anything other than D-Link. Home Solutions Business Solutions. How can I find my hardware version?

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In order to compile from source, you need to install the gcc compiler, kernel sources, and kernel headers. Wireless Browse Wireless Categories:.

Getting a D-Link DFETX+ Rev E to work

Thank you, but I got frustrated and threw out the D-Links in favour of plain vanilla s that worked right out linuxx the box and made no confusion in the OS’s head.

Mon Oct 20, 8: My distribution is RedHat 7. D-Link Canada Meadowvale Blvd. Local Loopback inet addr: The driver for Windows loaded no limux but I could not compile the rtl Unknown device Control: It used to be a Realtek chipset, hands down Which products are you interested in?

Problem is that it won’t work in Linux with the Rhine drivers, and I don’t manage to force drivers on it. And yes, the output of lsmod is correct. Will the Network config now be able to activate eth0? I have found information regarding Rev.


Note that you won’t need the file there; you should use whatever Mandrake has provided to build a kernel if ‘insmod via-rhine. View all Security products. View all IP Surveillance products.

D-Link DFE-530TX+ rev C1 (??)

vl10038d Unknown device rev 10 Subsystem: The “unresolved symbol” errors came from the fact that the too module’s code was looking for information from mii, but since mii wasn’t loaded the calls failed. Support Learning Center Product Registration.

The card was seen and listed there before but would not activate. Check the Help Files, then come here to ask!

D-Link DFE-530TX = Realtek RTL-8139 = VIA Rhine III 6105 ???

Tue Oct 21, 3: Jan 16, Posts: All times are GMT Donald Becker becker scyld. I screwed up those links like a rank noob. I have seen several previous threads describing this problem, and I hope you can make some suggestions for me.

Next time I ever buy any network equipment I’m probably going Linksys.


DLD chip datasheet

Installation programs usually sort that out and ensure that modules are loaded in the required order, but sometimes you need to do it manually, and that’s what the “depmod” command does.

The “modprobe” command actually consults the database created by depmod to see if the module you are trying to load requires that other modules be loaded first; if so, it loads those modules in the necessary order.

So I got it hoping that driver support has improved since RedHat 5.

Is this all OK now? The main chip on the card is labeled DLD.

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