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Have you tried cards from different vendors and do they all fail? Changed in linux Ubuntu Oneiric: It looks like this fix worked for at leas one person see comment Daniel Gimpelevich daniel-gimpelevich on Secure Digital Host Controller Interface driver [

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Maybe someone can create a new project in launchpad for this driver, set up the basic driver files etc and at least get a dummy driver up that detects that a MS or xD card has been inserted into the bay – so that we at least can inform the uninformed user that “Sorry, but there are currently no available drivers for MemoryStick or xD cards for your built-in card reader”.

Motin motin wrote on Krzesinski herton wrote on The built in sony memory stick reader does not work for me on Hardy 2. If you want, please add yourself as a subscriber, and click on link to indicate that “This bug effects me, too”.


Controller is now re-enabled. As was the case for the Texas Instruments devices: Ricoh Card Reader Driver version 1. Ricoh Card Reader Driver version 5.

Question # : Questions : util-linux package : Ubuntu

Related bugs Bug Same problem on Sony Vaio FW series. As for the original, just unpack anything into a folder, open a terminal and cd into that folder, then: Also, thanks to Unity, I use kubuntu now, and I exploring r5v832 to switch to another distro to have up-to-date KDE.

Not work in jaunty: If it’s very important that the built-in reader work, then, yes, you should have stayed with MS. I compiled with 2. YannUbuntu, not this isn’t linked. There was only one moment when the SD card reader detected a card on it, and it was when I was installing Ubuntu and resizing mempry HDD partitions with the installer, but once ubuntu was installed, the reader didnt work again.

Do not try to pull setpci command for kernels 2. Media Card Reader driver.


Brian Murray brian-murray on Why is it marked “Fix Released” now? My Memory Stick has the same problem: Mario Martinez mvnord-ss said on You need to log in to change this bug’s dell.

Ricoh MMC controller found at Sign up using Facebook.

Sunday, 25 September, 1: Ricoh Card Reader V3. Memory sticks don’t work. Project page TI driver: Ricoh xD-Picture Card Controller.

Dell Inspiron 9400 Ricoh R5C832 SD Card not working on ubuntu 11.10

This issue is a request to have MemoryStick support added for a specific, and somewhat popular, chipset. Could you post kernel log? If someone need, I also have a version that compile on Ubuntu Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


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