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BT capture only – CPH03x: They have also stuck an infra-red remote control decoded on the board, I will add support for this when I get time it simple generates an interrupt for each key press, with the key code is placed in the GPIO port. The biggest problem is that the tea chip can’t auto detect itsself, and the module cannot distinguish between the tda and tda, so they must be setup manually. Thus the audio will have first access to the bus even when issuing a request after the video request but before the PCI external arbiter has granted access to the Bt Check that the bttv module is correctly auto detecting your card and tuner type.

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Gttv capture only – CPH03x: I can’t get the sound from the tv card, but the video is fine. Fitch, Did you figure this out?

Also run alsamix and make sure nothing that matters is muted, if that doesn’t do the trick then give OSS a try I have video and that part is wonderful.

7. The bttv driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

Start Free Trial No credit card required. The correct title of this article is bttv. Can someone please advise on what happened? If you have a stereo card, you probably want to insmod this one.


Some bt capture cards have a single chip on board and four inputs on the card’s PCI riser. Could not find the actual link to redo the alsa.

Install a TV Tuner – Linux Multimedia Hacks [Book]

The arbiter decision may then continue asynchronously until GNT is again asserted. The saa driver If some config item is specified both from the tvcards array and as insmod option, the insmod option takes precedence.

The cx88 driver The Radiotrack radio driver Making video work often is not a big deal, because this is handled completely by the bt8xx chip, which is common on all boards. However, once the GNT is issued, this arbiter must lock in its decision and now route only the granted request to the REQ pin.

What you have to do is figure out the correct values for gpiomask and the audiomux array. The SIx Driver So you want to make your own digital video recorder DVR under Linux, or maybe you just want to watch TV on your computer. US [2][3].


My sound works ok otherwise, just not with the TV Card. The bt8xx chips have 32 general purpose pins, and linix to control these pins.

CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848: BT848 Video For Linux

The msp34xx chips are used by Hauppauge for example. This is what I’ve done Debian Sarge testing, kernel version 2.

As mentioned above, there is a array which holds the required information for each known board. If so, here is the background on mine that I cannot get to work Any help is appreciated.

Using with lircd 4.

So if you have this card, don’t bother with this method BT capture only TV standards: Guidelines for Video4Linux pixel format 4CCs 2. If your board has one, you might have to load a helper module like msp I have the same problem, no btvt with tvtime, so I’m using sox, and initially it wasn’t finding ossdsp.

Neither function can preempt the other once on the bus.


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