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Edited at After installing your drivers the following devices installed: I’ve booted again my old Windows XP installation and found that the same problem appeared there. Tank you so much!! Module-au maybe this could help with 64bit?

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Windows will not start normally after partially installing the drivers: Thank you very much.

Windows 7 and aureal vortex drivers?

Maybe this information will be useful to anybody. Then i tried onboard sound card and problem was there also.

I’m currently using these drivers in Windows 7 bit RC1, and they seem to work. I used your auresl with my Windows 7 installation of my onboard sound in my old Dell Dimension I wanted so badly to use my old card with Windows 7 RC 32bit. The INF files have not been changed, but you should notice a more stable driver without the aforementioned memory leak.

Thank you from Russia! Well, i have to go back to win7 32bit now, no doubt!

Download Drivers – Sound Cards – Aureal

Works fine on Windows 7 When I removed the card and examined it Rubycon capacitors: Tank you so much!! Just follow the readme.


What I did for this new package was update all of the files with the XP and, where possible, Windows 7 versions. Thank You from Hungary! That is very annoying such as fluctuation range is very big. However, I don’t have vorfex source code, so I can’t.

I’ve booted again my old Windows XP installation and found that the same problem appeared there. My hardware is already a little odd as it is, aufeal I want to know if it’s the driver itself that causes this in which case, other people would see the same behavioror if it’s just my hardware causing the problem.

These drivers still do not have A3D enabled. Work fine with Windows 7 32 bit Anonymous. Your drivers might actually be perfect, but I do not know because I am using the wrong incompatible hardware.

I was about to give up until I found aurel post. Drivers work with Windows 7 Anonymous. Also, I found that the last drivers I posted had a nasty paged pool memory leak that would slowly cause them to sap away the system’s precious kernel paged pool memory, eventually leading the Windows session to become unusable.


So it is most of all hardware problem of my speakers. On my system, with these drivers installed, if I do a “Scan for hardware changes” in Device Manager, my system goes to a blue screen, reports “NMI: This is pretty old, and link is dead, but Works auresl, on Win7 32bit. I’ve experienced uncontrolled volume fluctuations problem on Windows 7 with my MX card.

These drivers voetex bit only!

They should work in Windows Vista bit as well. I’ve found that it is not the driver problem. So I had to remove the drivers from safe mode. When I tried installing it, I got “page fault in nonpaged area”.


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