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It so simple, it should work. I had to do it through the vmware. I take it there is a serial device on the other end The population is growing at an alarming rate. Perfect instructions to get my USB serial converter running.

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pl driver for aten uca usb to serial device

I find it odd that the users are not listed. The calculator was made long before USB and many modern computers like my netbook are no longer equipped with serial ports. I ran dmesg grep usb to get the usb portion of the listing making it easier to determine if the adapter afen connected. Rahul Agrawal- check it ic-232a here: Observe that the chosen parameters might be unspent in an account for future use. Your clear instructions were easy to follow, and they work!


All times are GMT It supports batch conversion and likewise provides the possible ways to convert merely a element of your video by setting a start point and a breakpoint around the source file.

I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to map ttyusb to a ttys and make it persistant. Hardware pl driver for aten uca usb to serial device. Using your suggested command lsusb, I see the device. Now I finally can get back to work. I am running Ubuntu 8. Looking into the source in 2.

Both being from the same manufacturer, they both show the same address. Thanks to joe bndlg. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am N7NST and still have active license but inactive for years now.

The site has an excellent circuit diagram to build such interface. We ubuntk use it as the serial device in minicom configuration. George, usbserial is not supposed to be run from the command shell.


Thank you so very much….

You can use it once, but thereafter the device fails Cisco console cable 5. You will see a list of output similar to this.

Thank you so much for atfn sharing this info. Thx for the intruction. Thank you very much for any answer! You can even customize the output quality of your 3GP file.

How to enable USB-Serial Port adapter (RS-232) in Ubuntu Linux

You can get it from your local computer stores or order it online! Your instructions are helpful and clear, but am still having problem. For those of us who use Linux, instructions like these are invaluable!

Bus Device Looking forward for some help!!


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