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Either both channels work or neither. Make sure that the inputs and outputs of both your soundcard Realtek HD and your interface Alesis I O 2 have their buttons lit up. Originally Posted by slipstick That’s because you’ve just switched it send the output to your Alesis. Additionally, this thread would be more useful to others if you change the title of your original post to something like “Alesis i o 2 setup. Happy days, finally I have noiseless recording: Originally Posted by insub.

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All times are GMT Have you tried connecting the speakers to the IO2 yet? I was forced to record at a friend’s place with his equipment.

Would not likely make a difference, but load the factory driver for your box. Then I play them back and it’s all noisy of course, few mins at a time, then clean again.

Essentials Only Full Version.

Alesis io2 and latency – Home Recording forums

Another option is to disable Windows sounds entirely which many people advocate. Send a private message to insub. Could be a liberating moment to upgrade on the bright side.

I tried setting my old soundcard to primary device and restarting but still got the same error: Sorry but after years working computer support I always ask the basic questions. I checked it over, and even fiddled with the majority of the settings.


When you open Sonar it sees a problem with the sampling rate and disables the device.

All your settings look correct. Thanks for your replies. I’ll work on it tonight and get azio to you. This happens in both bit and bit modes.

I have had the IO2 for 2 months and have experienced the same problems. All that looks good.

Have sent an email to their UK support, but haven’t heard anything back I only had it for 2 days and I am still experimenting with cubase le and stuff, so. Turned out pretty well, but I’m back now and ready to spend some time learning how to record in the comfort of my own home!

Originally Posted by slipstick. Honestly, from what we’ve seen so far, all that’s left is faulty Master hardware output assignment.

Find More Posts by Tsjanith. Last edited by Tsjanith; at The attached project file only shows me the Master track setup which is fine and the Project Settings also fine.


Alesis IO2 not working with SONAR | Cakewalk Forums

Please choose whether to disable or use them anyway. You get that effect when cpu is struggling but it’s not, cpu utilization is too low, and you can still hear original signal which doesnt look like it’s stuttering just filled up with noise. The time now is Tsjanith, Too burned out to read thru all the thread, but a couple things. Aasio have offered you every reasonable troubleshooting solution for this problem.

Alesis IO2 not working with SONAR

I’ve asik combing the internet for an answer, and have come up with absolutely nothing. Originally Posted by Tsjanith http: Find More Posts by slipstick.

The Alesis unit is USB 1, greater latency, not the greatest sound quality either. Make sure that asip inputs and outputs of both your soundcard Realtek HD and your interface Alesis I O 2 have their buttons lit up.


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