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I had also thought about asking another question on here, that I may as well mention and see what comes of it. Tarheel14, thanks for the reply. The lms unit won’t recognize that structure map file. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. You may have to register before you can post: No Your thinking in the last paragraph is right with respect to two HDS units. Thanks again for the posts so far.

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Industrial Ethernet to Serial Device Servers

How do I upgrade my Ethernet to Serial device’s firmware? While only one of these should be transmitting data at any time, the rest can all simultaneously listen to the data. What is the purpose etherhet the buffer on a UART? That seems like quite a bit to me, so I asked the tech about saving structure map files to the internal memory.

I doubt NMEA is being phased out as it is designed to accommodate input from many other types of devices which are entrenched in that technology. Changing settings Flashing Between Red and Green: Please check your spam folder before sending us a message.

How do I create a loop back connector? Thus 2 twisted pairs are used without handshaking and 4 twisted pair cable is used with handshaking both these schemes allow full duplex data communications.


Fail safe open circuit and etherrnet circuit protection, protects the Industrial ethernet to serial device server against wiring faults. YOU are not entitled to what I have earned!!!!!

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LMS-522C iGPS Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information

You can control screen brightness of both units via the touch7. Yes you can network them with ethernet and share sonar between them. As before, any and all responses will be much appreciated. I just know I don’t find them helpful at all.

LMS C IGPS to HDS 7 Gen2 touch via Ethernet?

You might check this out at the Lowrance web site. Manufacturing process and performance across a large site can be monitored and potential faults detected before they cause serious downtime costs.

ethernft I don’t want to do that. I use BrainBoxes for critical serial to ethernet application and have not had a single hiccup Tarheel14, thanks for the reply. Power supply switching95 to Vac input, 24 Vdc output mA. I’m just agreeing with the earlier posts Which power connector is used for ES and BL products? Industrial Ethernet to Serial Device Servers.

What is the difference between RS communication and RS communication? I figured if I can export and import structure map files to and from the internal memory, I could pick and choose the structure map files I’d want to use for the day, and save them to the internal memory from an SD card, and just save them back to the card, when the day was done.


Suitable to be wired into existing power and network infrastructure or can be used with our PW power supply. Use two devices back to back for serial tunnelling over Ethernet, for when you need to extend the reach of your serial cables. If you want to share way points then you need to connect them via nmea.

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The resource to the URL or file is currently unavailable. I can not open my COM port installed in Boost. And hopefully you, or anyone else that may know if I can do what I am hoping to do, will reply.

Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Thanks again for your reply.


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