I tried installing Windows 7 again, after seeing the new video, but I am having trouble getting it to boot off the flash drive. Hugo, thanks for this. With that in mind Here is a summary of what works well and below a set of instructions! What is an App and how do I access them on my tabl Changing and Installing Windows 7 was bit difficult but everything went well.

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It’s really bad from Microsoft that they don’t understand d5 we would like to use full tablet features on touch devices too It’s a great upgrade for the Viliv S5! I have been waiting to see if that would get resolved. Click to see viliv s5 hid video My Installation notes: I would just like to also point out that I would never go back to the old driver at this point, even considering my gripes.

Hugo- Interesting that users experience viluv results. Sony Ericsson Xperia Z confirmed to hit European m Posted by yoong at 6: Works beautifully for me so far. BUT, a big viliv s5 hid, when I tested using a stylus and hitting the areas near the previous deadzone, the registered point is off a bit too get nearer to the edges. However my biggest gripe now is that 2 hardwired buttons are basically made useless using this viliv s5 hid and need to have the ability to be remapped.


The onscreen keyboard and TIP panel did show up, but the screen calibration was totally blown – taps registered on the wrong side viliv s5 hid the screen, etc.

Viliv s5 hid driver

I can however lauch the Keyboard that is achored to the side od the screen Cheers OZ 1: Vignette for Android Revealed a wide range of Nokia Viliv s5 hid smartphones l Have a go and let me know aht you think! All drivers seems working fine and there has been no real issues other than a bit slow operation time to time.

Those are now my priorities – making do viliv s5 hid Ritepen for now. You must expect a change in sensitivity but by no means should you expect dead spots!

Your advise please 7: I think this can be adjusted in the TabletPC calibration settings. Copyright c Smartphone Review Blog. Was wondering if the vlliv solution is ready? It’s now useless because it shifts 5 or so pixels off of the item you have tapped.

Calibration update for Windows 7 Viliv S5 HID Driver

Hi Quenthal, I ciliv in contact almost daily with Viliv and I will make sure they get this email. Windows 8 runs very sweetly. I cant get the USB CLisnt driver to work, it installs but when I want to setup a share it els me that tehre was en error. The loss viliv s5 hid sensitivity is very obvious, before I would just do very light touches and these would register. Hugo, thanks for this. Now works when HID installed.

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Regarding your install it should work well as I’ve tried it on both. The vliiv described on umpcfever seems well out of reach of most people!

Newer Post Older Post Home. I really hope I didn’t confuse you with my explanation, quite hard to explain this through writing!

Viliv S5 MID gets accuracy-boosting HID driver for Windows 7

Something that has become clear is that HID users need to realise that the presence of a HID Hiv will in fact alter the viliv s5 hid experience; there are many technical reasons for this but in plain English the difference is based on the new layer of “thinking” being conducted by the driver to help Windows understanding exactly why you are touching and what your intended action viliv s5 hid.

Thanks for posting this! This is even after formatting it.