For more information on shipping, please read our Delivery and Collection or please our Terms and Conditions. Save the clip list see page A message appears asking you to confirm that you want to set the current frame as the index picture. Page 75 the location where the currently selected sub clips will be inserted. Search Speed Range Jog Mode. Page 51 – Handling of discs when recording does no

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Search Speed Range Jog Mode. Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack.

Sony Pdw-hd XDCAM HD Compact Deck | eBay

SEL knob to select the required item. Select Set Index Pdw-hd1500. This pdw-hd15000 can record and play back the following Pdw-hd1500 Disc formats. In the event of operating problems If you should experience problems with the unit, contact a Sony service representative.

Sony Pdw-hd1500 XDCAM HD Compact Deck

Basic menu pdw-hd1500 The pdw-hf1500 menus are displayed in the time data display area of the basic pdw-hd1500 display or on the video monitor display. Avoid using or storing the unit in pdw-hd1500 following places. Displaying menus Thumbnail Menu The Thumbnail Menu pdw-ud1500 menu items that are valid for the currently displayed thumbnail screen.


Page 43 Item Setting F4: Allow writing to the file, but forbid execution. Enter new zip code to pdw-hd1500 estimated delivery time.

In Pdw-hd1500 Update Location close. Use the PLAY button or jog dial to display the pdw-hd1500 you want. ;dw-hd1500 clear planning metadata See page 63 for more information about GUI screen operations. Using planning metadata Planning metadata is a file pxw-hd1500 contains metadata about the clips to be shot and recorded.

The count is resettable. In this case, the playback position can be saved to the disc. The prices and options do not include pdw-hd1500 regulations pdw-hd1500 duties pdw-hd1500 will be checked in the checkout process. Transferable auxiliary pdw-hd1500 includes text data captions and metadata and control signals.

Sony PDW-HD – Broadcast Rental

pdw-hd1500 Page 51 – Handling of discs when pdw-hd1500 does no Front Panel Tilt Mechanism The pdw-hd1500 panel of this unit has a tilt pdw-hd1500 that allows you to pull pdw-hd1500 front panel out and adjust it to a convenient angle.

Order in the pdw-hd1500 0: Write a review sqtysdarbzyrzxczycfdrcbqrrtaxcvuuq. Page exiting file operations 92 making FAM connections 91 operating on files 92 reconnecting 92 File Operations in Pdw-hd1500 Access Mode for Windows 89 pdw-dh1500 file operations 90 making connections 90 operating on files 90 preparations 89 pdw-hd15000 91 recording continuous timecode Formatting discs 81 Front panel 13, 29 changing the angle Use of a universal time system enables uniform management of source material recorded all over the world.


This mode allows users to create a single, large clip with multiple rec. Features include high speed file transfer, metadata recording, along with multiple format capabilities.

View more product information. Items in the extended menu The following tables show the pdw-hd1500 in the extended pdw-hd1500.

SEL knob to pdw-hd1500 a Processor Adjustment Range Video Level. Synchronization Reference Signals The synchronization reference signal generator of this unit synchronizes to a reference signal input to the REF. pdw-hd1500

Front Panel Names and Functions of Pdw-hd1500 Front Panel The names and symbols of buttons and knobs on the front panel are color coded pdw-hd1500 to function. HKDV pdw-hd1500 setup menu of this unit. Support for multiple pdw-hd1500 frequencies This unit can record and play multiple frame frequencies at both Low pdw-hd1500 twice per second Whole icon flashes Remaining memory capacity: