There is one caveat that might seem obvious to some, though. Yes, my password is: Here is the real kicker, both analog sticks work as full analog. Mayflash releases a new product. NM, I see the screenshot where you assign them as sliders. Four small philips screws keep it closed so that means you can open it to see whats inside The insert points for the classic controller work well and I dont see them breaking easy but its a not a smooth “glide” like when you connect them to a wiimote, its got a rougher feel to it. It actually gets better now.

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Great for SNK fighters Plug ‘n play – no errors while playing. The touch screen buttons exclusive to the PS4 controller don’t seem to be mapped on the PS3 maylash whatsoever ; so for those functions you will need to switch back to the PS4 controller. It’s easy to connect and once is connected, just enjoy your playthrough with your favorite controller. Patrick Dec 20, Zurezaly Dec 24, at px So lets break this down for review. I did not expect anything nearly this elaborate or customizable from some cheap adapter out of China.

Value for price paid: So with one controller working so well I figured maybe I will find problems when using 2 pads at once, maybe it just duplicates the input of the first controller, it was logical to think this since its the first time I would ever use 2 controllers via just one usb cable. The adapter also works with the Pro version classic controllers but I have none to test. Facil de usar El adaptador es facil de utilizar y funciona sin problema.


The cable going from the unit is of good quality and so is the usb header that plugs into your computer.

NM, I see the screenshot where you assign them as clasxic. Similar Threads – Review Mayflash Classic. From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter In both mode its an analog axis but when fully pressed it activates a digital button, pretty neat. From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter The two shoulder buttons can be set to be sliders analog digital buttonsor both.

Every single button works even the home button and center shoulder buttons giving you a great number of buttons to use. Play Asia and the stick logo are trademarks of Play-Asia.

This is a aggressive price and part of why I was so skeptical of the product. The USB cable is about 6ft long to compensate for the short length of cable the classic controller has and the unit itself is incredibly light. Just plug a controller into the adapter and mayfalsh plug it into a usb port. This item is currently unavailable.

MAYFLASH Wii Classic Controller Adapter For PC (PC) | eBay

Do you already have an account? If you are interested in buying it, we can try to track it down for you. It supports my wireless joystick Qanba Q1W. Hope the review was a good read for you guys, feel free to comment and stuff. But I can tell you know the product works and was worth every penny.


MAYFLASH Wii Classic Controller Adapter For PC (PC052)

Right away windows picked up and installed the standard drivers for a HID gamepad device. Mayflash releases a new product.

Here is the real kicker, both analog sticks work as full analog. A usb controller the adapter and two HID devices the two classic controllers Here is what my Windows Devices settings looks like: Pretty good Mayflash does not sell clasic own products directly but via 3rd party mostly on ebay. Kayflash Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter Within this new control panel you can manually select what each button will be on the controller.

Sure enough check the Windows Device Manager and I see three devices listed. Overall, a small annoyance imho.