I have an old Adaptec now Money well spent always makes me happy! Free Pellets Put 4 tins in your cart, pay for 3. Sat Dec 22, Gets shots per CO2 cartridge.

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Light slide and therefore weak blowback.

The blow back makes fkreport feel like your shooting a powdered bullet For the price this gun is definitely worth it. Easy to load BB’s! It was a faithful card.

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I tried and tried, and gave up. Cons slide is loose but im gonna fit a new stronger spring so thats covered. Manufacturer Umarex Caliber 0.

So, load up your mags, head to the range and have a ball shooting inexpensive ammo with a high fun factor. Originally posted by Duo Maxwell: Added a laser and it was very accurate. Dec 24, Posts: Money well spent always makes me happy! As for the pros and cons So can somebody with 2k firfport hook a brother up with those files?


FirePort 40 under XP

Here is how you can fieeport it to work. Pros Real feel of an actual pistol without the hefty cost of ammo. They even have a driver that doesn’t work. FirePort 40 under XP 15 posts. Sun Dec 23, 4: If the single channel Fireport 40 is something other than Symbios Logic, then my posts here are even more meaningless than they already are: Click to Enlarge Image.

I have one in my machine at work running Win XP and it works just fine This pistol quickly became one of my favorite co2 pistols.

You too will get big bang for the bucks spent. If you do an upgrade, XP will use the drivers from and there won’t be any problems.

Pros Fun low-cost Glock look-alike pistol. I just received this pistol today and my first thought was “this thing is awesome”.

Refurbished, Umarex 40XP Dual-Tone BB Pistol

04 ripped it out and replaced it with a though. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Jul 16, Posts: XP sees the card as two Symbios chips and works great I have had the same problems, and have given up hope of getting it to work under xp.


Fun low cost pistol. Gets shots per CO2 cartridge. The built-in driver doesn’t appear to work.

Then use those on your XP install as drivers for the Fireport.