Using the image of Zena shown above , I had the following observations with the different Tone values:. The film positive or negative depending on the final coated paper is used in contact with the paper to produce potentially stunning results. Looking at the results, the neutral is really niceā€”but the default colorations of cool, sepia, and warm are not really optimal. In this example I am using a Mac to print from Lightroom 2. Instead these are pre-built images that represent an approximation of what the effect will look like, so keep this in mind when making your adjustments.

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Way too light in the background, but ironically for the jeans the tone is about right.

Epson ABW Mode

From experience I know that I always have to make adjustments to account for the difference between the two forms of illumination transmission vs reflection. Jon Cone is the developer of Piezography inks and software. One question though, above you said: I am trying to build a seamless workflow where the toned prints I will be putting on the net represents what comes out of the printer, based on been viewed on a good calibrated monitor in the first instance of course.

The results are consistently better than those I have seen from printing in color, or using any third party service for black and white printing except for MPix. For his own photography, Cone prefers the intimacy of small images.


ABW is a black box. Darker Facial shadows getting too dark, and jeans disappearing at the bottom into darkness.

PS curves for Epson ABW printing without the use of ICC profiles.

For neutral black-and-white output with really subtle color tinting, either the Epson or the Canon output is excellent. Read times texshooter Sr. One correction to Andrew’s post above. Once you have all of the settings above set properly, you can simply choose to print from the aforementioned Photoshop CS4 dialog.

The upside is very neutral prints if so desired, less awb use, longer archived print. Thanks for the reply Eric I know that printing as an RGB image is an option but I was lead to believe that using the ABW driver produces better results at it is mixes the black inks better.

Darkest Skin tones are too dark and jeans are hard to make out at the bottom. You must log in to post a comment. Piezography K7 curves never print dots of ink spread apart. Hi Ron – thanks for posting this article.

Complex subject but I may be wrong ian. K6 uses six of these curves. IF you see this, make sure you uncheck it!

Piezography resolution in comparison to Epson ABW

The image is in the portrait orientation and has white borders around the source image. We know some users who design abbw own curves with QuadTone RIP have not been able to reproduce our effect.

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In this example I am using a Mac to print from Lightroom 2.

For color toning, you have defaults of natural, warm, cool, and sepia. A Select Preserve Numbers box, or B Assign to Profile then Convert to Profile I would say B because it’s less editing work to make your Assigned copy look like your master copy than it is to make your completely unmanaged copy numbers preserved look like epsoh master copy.

Epson ABW Mode | Photography Forums

Observation using Zena Image Light Way too light in the background, but ironically spson the jeans the tone is about right. The awb of the Piezography system is that it works well in an integrated manner with Quad Tone RIP which makes using the system a lot easier.

Click to view larger image COOL. Please keep in mind that these are subjective comments, and your selection could vary on per image basis. One of the leading practitioners of this is a photographer named Dan Burkholder www.

Did you miss your activation email? Thanks for supporting this blog by using the links! Curve design and linearization is an art in itself.