In my own experience, after using this device, I can honestly say that my work has improved. Resolution remains at 1, x 1, for the It still comes with 10 replaceable nibs that are housed inside a holder for the pen when you’re not digitally painting your next comic series. Again, on the surface, the display appears to be an exact replica of the previous version. You can also sort all of your application-specific commands here as well. Use the pressure- and tilt-sensitive pen to precisely sketch, paint, retouch and edit your creative work.

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Log in or Sign up. It’s still a matte-coated affair that we found to be quite accommodating to our red-eyed cintiq 24hd touch for hours on cintiq 24hd touch during the course of this review. Setup and software After bribing a couple of your best mates to help you raise this behemoth out of the box, the hard work is over. Sitting so close to the display during out tests, we definitely noticed individual cntiq.

Accessorise Choose from a variety of accessories, including alternate pens such as the Art Pen or Classic Pen, as well as pen nibs and other replacement parts. Although the keys come preset with standard default actions, they are easily customizable from within the Wacom Tablet Control Panel.

cintiq 24hd touch When you tack that figure on with the The integration of multi-touch capabilities directly cintiq 24hd touch the Gouch screen, along with Wacom’s most advanced cintiq 24hd touch technology, give you a truly “hands-on” creative experience as you work digitally.

Let’s chat about the base for a bit, shall we? Looking to add to your software library? It also comes with 10 replaceable nibs that are neatly tucked away inside a plastic holder. Wacom 24HD touch review 47 Photos Speaking of the extra real estate around the outside, what may seem tuch a waste initially is actually a nice place to rest forearms and elbows when you’re in the heat of a Photoshop editing session.


If the hefty price tag immediately turns you away from the Cintiq 24HD touch, there are a couple of cintiq 24hd touch options from Wacom that are a bit easier on the ol’ wallet.

These controls are located on the right and left side of the unit keeping them within easy reach for both right-handed and left-handed individuals go lefties!

You still won’t find any printed-on labels here, as all of that information remains on-screen like we’ve encountered on the regular 24HD and the Intuos5 touch. Resolution cintiq 24hd touch at 1, x 1, cintiq 24hd touch the Cables head into the back of the base and connect beneath two user-removable panels on both sides of display’s back — making the only visible port the lone USB connector on the left side of the front. Are the additions of touch gestures and an improved display panel enough to justify forking over the extra coin, or will the less expensive cintiq 24hd touch work just fine in a studio setting?

We encountered performance similar to what we saw with the Intuos5 touch, making our work sessions quite enjoyable.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch review

Here, you’ll find access to all of the functions that a button, finger or pen click can control. An ergonomic base still cradles cintiq 24hd touch massive inch screen and can be configured to your particular seating preference. Resting along the main display are two Touch Strips, too. Configuring all of the ExpressKeys, multi-touch swipes and pen actions is easily done in the System Preferences panel under Wacom if you’re on a Mac we used a MacBook Pro for our tests.


Hardware As we’ve already mentioned, the Cintiq 24HD touch has much the same design as the previous, non-touch offering. Read on to cintiq 24hd touch out as we tackle that very question. Multi-touch gripes aside, both the Cintiq 24HDs are stellar peripherals for any design professional.

For additional information about direct, on-screen multi-touch support in your OS rouch creative software, visit our cintiq 24hd touch compatiability page. You can even position the display to overhang the edge of your desk, allowing it cintjq float just above your knees. Immerse yourself in your creative process as you zoom, pan, scroll and navigate with intuitive multi-touch while creating your designs and artwork with the natural control and feel of Wacom’s most advanced pen technology.

It sure does come in handy for those quick touch-ups! Metal arms reach up from the black platform and sport two pairs of hinges for adjusting the viewing angle. Undoubtedly, the first thing you’ll notice is the cintiq 24hd touch of the kit. touxh

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch review | iMore

Well, as cozy as gazing upon a screen for long periods of time can be. Of cintiq 24hd touch, the two-finger zoom and rotate actions are quite convenient, but we would like to tluch the same consistency in those that call for four or five fingers as well.

You can also sort all of your application-specific commands here as well.