Intel continues to hold the performance crown. Nothing serious about it considering it uses the onboard graphics chip for video. As mentioned in the specs, this laptop features the new 65nm based TK processor. By this time, we gave up on XP and Aspire duo. By far, this is the best deal in the market currently.

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The power button is right at the top-centre with an attractive blue light around it when the laptop is running. A generous 4 USB 2.

Today product reviews: Acer Aspire Laptop Review

The Aspire laptops runs perfectly with Vista. Bluetooth drivers weighed a good odd MB but the installation went fine. Everything from the keyboard, the palm rest and the touchpad is white.

There are no complaints on the ports front. Brightness is on the higher side, acer aspire 4520 z03 needs to lower it down to suit your requirements. Otherwise, the touchpad was very responsive and felt durable. This is the only place where AMD beats Intel. The microphone quality is really worth mentioning. Lowering the brightness helps from the battery-life point of view too. Then we managed to get the video drivers working too.


Acer Aspire 4520 Notebook Technical Specifications

I’m just amazed by the durability and service that this laptop has given me. The lappy is capable of running games that were released upto like call of duty midern warfae 2but the amount of ram is too low.

Performance – Part I Graphics: This model of Acer Aspire sports the following: Acer aspire 4520 z03 are just meant not meant acer aspire 4520 z03 be together. Overall, the keyboard layout is nice while the touchpad is strictly so-so. The laptop comes with a free leather acsr Acer branded. If you are 452 Windows XP fanatic, you will run in to a lot of problems. As mentioned in the specs, this laptop features the new 65nm based TK processor. At max, it tilts an extra degrees from vertical position.

The company also has a toll-free 24hr after-sales helpline in India to help you with your problems on time.

There is no hardware support to help with HD playback due to the use of nForce M chipset. Support for video recording is not present. The Acer Cystel Eye webcam is located right at the top, above the screen.

Initially, we had trouble acer aspire 4520 z03 even the basic chipset drivers from nvidia.


It has enough screen real-estate which the users afer need for common office-tasks, presentations and general usage. The text marking are etched in black color on the white keys, so there are aspirre readability issues. About five other shortcut keys are found just below the Power button for mail, web browser, etc. By this time, we gave up on XP and Aspire duo. The pressing of the touchpad keys does produce some clicking acer aspire 4520 z03.

Acer Aspire Notebook Technical Specifications | Notebook Drivers

So, one needs to make sure the specs are nice and the laptop has enough firepower to acer aspire 4520 z03 through all of your daily applications. The graphics core is DirectX 9. The sound drivers played unfair all along. The bundled software which helps to bring the best out from the webcam allows to take pictures only.

Well within tolerable limits.